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Rara Khaptad Circuit Trek

Trip Length: 16 Days
Highest Point: 3,020m (Khaptad)
Trek Grade: Moderate
Accommodation: Teahouse/Tent
Walking Time: Approx 6 hrs per day
Region: Rara/Khaptad
Starting Point: Talcha Airport (Mugu)
Ending Point: Dhangadhi (Kailali)

Trip Highlights

  • Walk around the magnificent Rara Lake -- the largest in the counry
  • Walk past terraced fields, lush forests and far-flung villages untouched by modernization
  • Oberve unique culture, tradition and lifestyle of the local people up close
  • Excellent mountain views and breathtaking sceneries
  • Diverse species of flora and fauna in two protected areas of far-westrn Nepal
  • Beautiful grasslands of the spiritual Khaptad area


Rara Khaptad Circuit Trek, combines two major attractions of the mid and far western Nepal – Rara Lake and the scenic grasslands of Khaptad. Rara Lake – the largest lake of Nepal – is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and thick pine forests. The view of this magnificent lake from Murma Top viewpoint is the main attraction of this trek. The trek from Rara Lake and Khaptad will take your through beautiful settlements, terraced fields, lush forests and fast-flowing rivers and rivulets. Unlike Everest and the Annapurna, you will be in complete wilderness as many foreign tourists do not have information about these parts of the country. The grasslands of Khaptad are the sight to behold. The place is home to as many as 17 grasslands that resemble natural golf course. Further, Khaptad has great spiritual significance as it is the very place where the revered Khaptad Baba meditated for years. The trip begins with a flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu and then to Talcha airstrip. A walk of some three hours will take you to Rara Lake. After exploring Rara Lake, you will trek to Khaptad National Park. Go into the wild and venture through thick forests, alpine landscapes and vast grasslands which have seen very few tourists. This is a perfect trek for those who are looking for the wilderness experience.
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Trip Itinerary

Day 1
Arrival in Kathmandu(1,350m)

Welcome to Nepal. After landing at the airport, complete immigration formalities. Outside the arrival lounge, find our representative who will accord you traditional Nepali welcome. The representative will transfer you to your hotel. Remaining time is free for independent activities. In the evening, meet your guide and attend a trek briefing session.

O/N: Hotel
Day 2
Fly to Nepalgunj (150m)

Take late breakfast, as we will be flying to Nepalgunj at around noon. You will have plenty of time to do last minute shopping. About an hour prior to your flight, our representative will drive you to the airport for your flight to Nepalgunj. The flight takes around 50 minutes. Upon arrival at Nepalgunj airport, you will be driven to your hotel. In the evening, you will be taken for a visit of Bageshwari Temple – the most important shrine in Nepalgunj.

O/N: Hotel
Day 3
Fly to Talcha Airport (2,200m) and trek to Rara Lake (2,990m) – Approx 3-4 hrs

You will be driven to the airport early in the morning for a flight to Talcha – a small airstrip that serves as the gateway to Rara Lake. You can get bird’s eye view of beautiful landscapes, green hills and rivers from your aircraft seat while you fly to Talcha. The flight takes around 45 minutes. Upon arrival at Talcha airport, meet your crew who will be accompanying you throughout the trek. After lunch, start walking toward Rara Lake. The walk is pleasing and passes through terraced fields, beautiful villages and lush forests. After a walk of about an hour and half, you will get first view of the blue waters of the lake. As you walk toward the lake, you can see the color pattern changing. Your camp will be set up on the banks of this magnificent lake.

O/N: Tent
Day 4
Explore Rara Lake and surroundings

Today, you will explore the lake and its surroundings. A short hike to Murma Top – a view point above the lake – is the best way to enjoy the view. Spread over nearly 10 sq km, Rara is the largest freshwater lake of the country. The lake is the major attraction of Rara National Park which was gazetted in 1976. Apart from the lake, Murma Top offers excellent views of mountain peaks in Kanjirowa range. With packed lunch, start climbing up to the top. The trail passes through small settlements. You can observe different species of flora and fauna as you climb up. Spend some time at the top, taking photographs and the amazing views all around. After having lunch at the top, start your descent to the lake shores. The lake and the surroundings change its hues during sunset. It is an amazing experience to see the sun set above green hills surrounding this majestic lake.

O/N: Tent
Day 5
Trek to Srikot (2,041m) – Approx 6 hrs

Today, you will leave this magnificent lake and trek to a small village named Srikot. The trail is mostly downhill. Walk toward Khatyad following the Khatyad River. After a walk of couple of hours, you will reach the beautiful meadows of Murma. You can see cattle grazing here. A walk of about one and half hours from here, will take you to Jhaudi Khola where your lunch will be prepared. You can see caves around your campsite. After lunch, the trail passes through Bopani (2,528m) – a small village inhabited by Bhramins and Chhetris. There are some teashops and lodges in Bopani. After passing through two more villages, Jam and Masane, you will reach Srikot.

O/N: Tent
Day 6
Trek to Jugala (1,400m) – Approx 6 hrs

This is also going be an easy day. Start early after having breakfast at your camp. After a walk of about an hour, you will reach Majchaur (1,825m) through Upper Kharka, Lower Kharka and Khadgi mela. You will have to cross many suspension bridges on the trail. The trail is pleasing as you can see many waterfalls cascading form green hills into the river. The Khatyad River, which we have been following for the past two days, meets Karnali River in Majchaur village. After a walk of around an hour and half form here along the Karnali River, you will reach to your campsite at Jholunge Pul which means suspension bridge. The campsite offers beautiful view of Karnali River that originates in Tibet. This is going to be your last camp in Mugu district as you will cross Karnali River and enter Bajura district tomorrow.

O/N: Tent
Day 7
Trek to Kolti (1,390m) – Approx 6 hrs

After breakfast, cross the Karnali River on the suspension bridge and enter Bajura district. The river serves as the boundary between Mugu and Bajura district. A walk of around two hours will take you to Alange Chaur (1082m). There are few shops and lodges at this small village. A walk of another half hour or so will take you to your lunch point at Chulighat Badhu. There are two trails from Chulighat Badhu – one leads to Kalikot district after crossing Karnali River, while the other continues to Kolti. You take the second trail and walk along the banks of Kundana River. A walk of around two hours through Badhu Matela (1,240m), Pipal Dali (1,293m) and Raut Badhu will take you to Partola (1,208m). A walk of about an hour will take you to your destination in Kolti.

O/N: Tent
Day 8
Trek to Martadi (1,590m) – Approx 6 hrs

Today, you will trek to Martadi – the district headquarters of Bajura. The walk is mostly uphill. The trail passes through beautiful settlements of Kumarkot, Ser Katiya, Samal and Ananda Nagar to Paurekhe Khad (2544m). The walk takes around two hours. There are few tea shops in Paurekhe Khad. A walk of another one hour from here will take you to the ridge top of Parkeh Lek (2700m). From here, a descent of around two hours along the Budhi Nandi River will take you to Martadi. Martadi is the commercial center for not only Bajura, but also neighboring Bajhang, Doti and Achham districts. As Martadi has road access, you can find modern amenities here.

O/N: Tent
Day 9
Trek to Dogadi (1,490m) – Approx 6-7 hrs

After leaving Martadi, you will reach to a place called Gotwall Bada from where you will continue walking to Saleghat (1,362m) following the Bauli River. You will reach the settlement of Rapak (1,308m) after a walk of another half hour. Continuing further, you will reach Surkha Bazaar. From here, you walk along the Dhange Bagar Khola to reach Budha Bada via Oli Gaun. At Buda Bada, cross the Dhage Bagar Khola and reach Chedea Daha (2,159m) which is situated atop a hill. A walk of about an hour from here will take you to Dogadi village.

O/N: Tent
Day 10
Trek to Laskechaur (Khaptad National Park) (3,025m) – Approx 7-8 hrs

This is going to be a long day. After breakfast, start walking from your camp. A walk of some two hours will take you to Tham village (2,183m). Continuing further, you will pass through Guliya Chaur (2,610m). As the name suggests, Guliya Chaur is a pastureland signaling that the pasturelands of Khaptad are nearby. A walk of around an hour from here will take you to Laske Chaur inside Khaptad National Park where your camp will set up.

O/N: Tent
Day 11
Explore Khaptad

Today, you will explore Khaptad area. There are plenty of beautiful grasslands in this national park. The area is home to different wildlife and bird species. You will also visit Khaptad Baba Ashram, temples dedicated to gods Shiva and Ganesh, and Nagdhunga and Kedardhunga in Tribeni. You will also explore big grasslands like Balaune Patan and Pulpule Patan. As Khatpad is a site with great spiritual significance, visit of this please cleanse your mind and soul. It unwinds and rejuvenates you.

O/N: Tent
Day 12
Trek to Simalpani

After breakfast, you will leave Khaptad National Park walking toward Lekhda (2,493m). It is a nice forested trail from the national park headquarters. A walk of two hours will take you to Lekhda. There are view guesthouses and tea shops. A walk of around an hour through Meltadi (1882m) will take you to your lunch point at Lamtada. After lunch, walk along the irrigation canal through Sunar and Jimkot villages to Fulbari. A walk of another an hour will take you to Simaplani – your destination of the day. Your camp will set up at the riverside. You can take a nice bath in the afternoon.

O/N: Tent
Day 13
Trek to Tamil (1130m)

This is going to be your last walking day. A walk of about two hours form Simpalpani through Jadri Ghat, Aaucheli Bagar, Tala Bagar, Khati and Khairadi, will take you to Tamil (1130m). Your will reach Tamil by lunchtime. It’s a free day after lunch at your campsite. Buses to Dhangadhi are available at Tamil. In the evening, we will organize a small celebration for your wonderful support team.

O/N: Tent
Day 14
Drive to Dhangadhi

Take a bus to Dhangadhi after early breakfast at your camp. The road is graveled initially, but blacktopped later on. The journey takes around 10 hours. Dhangadhi is a commercial center of the far-western region. There are good hotels and lodges at Dhangadhi. There is also an airport that operates direct flights to Kathmandu.

O/N: Hotel
Day 15
Fly to Kathmandu

After late breakfast, you will be driven to the airport for a flight to Kathmandu. The flight takes around an hour. Upon arrival at Kathmandu airport, board a waiting car and get transferred to your hotel. Remaining time is free for independent activities. In the evening, we will organize a farewell dinner for you to celebrate success of your trek.

O/N: Hotel
Day 16

Your last day in Nepal! Our representative will transfer you to the airport three hours ahead of your flights time so that you can complete customs and immigration formalities on time. On board the aircraft, you will have plenty of time to reflect on the amazing time you had in Nepal and plan your new trip.

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