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Saipal Base Camp Trek

Trip Length: 18 Days
Highest Point: 5,200m (Saipal Base Camp)
Trek Grade: Moderate to Strenous
Accommodation: Tent
Walking Time: Approx 6 hrs per day
Region: Saipal Himal
Starting Point: Chainpur (Bajhang)
Ending Point: Chainpur (Bajhang)

Trip Highlights

  • Trekking through subtropical to alpine forests, steep gorges, grasslands, pastures, lakes, waterfalls, and streams
  • Unique culture, tradition and lifestyle of local people
  • Far-flung rural settlements aloof from modernization
  • Two base camps of Mount Saipal
  • Trek in complete wilderness
  • The unique Masto tradition


Saipal Base Camp Trek, this extraordinary trek takes you to the foot of Saipal Himal (7031m) – the beautiful yet unclimbed mountain in the far-western region of Nepal. The trail passes through subtropical to alpine forests, steep gorges, grasslands, pastures, lakes, waterfalls, and streams. Unique tradition, culture and lifestyle of local people can interest you as they seem to be cut off from the modern world even today. Unlike the Everest and the Annapurna region, trekking trail to Saipal is not crowded. On some days, you could be the only foreigner on this off-the-beaten trail. The main attraction of the trek is the Saipal peak itself. Saipal, together with Api and Nampa, forms the majestic trio of mountains in the far-western region of Nepal which lags behind other parts of the country in social and economic indicators despite having immense tourism resources. Trek to Saipal Base Camp is difficult, yet extremely rewarding. Come, join us to experience a different Nepal!
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Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Welcome to Nepal. After completing customs and immigration formalities at the airport, meet our representative outside arrival terminal. Get transferred to your hotel. Remaining time is free for independent activities. In the evening, meet your guide and attend a trek briefing session.

O/N: Hotel
Day 2
Fly to Dhangadhi and drive to Dadeldhura (1300m) – Approx 1 hr flight, 4 hr drive

After breakfast, our representative will transfer you to the domestic terminal for your flight to Dhangadhi. The flight takes around an hour. After early lunch at Dhangadhi, board a waiting car for a drive to Dadeldhura. We drive on the Mahakali Highway which goes northward from the East West Highway. The drive is pleasing as the road passes through beautiful countryside, crossing rivers and rivulets, lush forests and terraced fields. Dadeldhura is a pleasing hilly town with cool weather. It offers breathtaking views of Api and Saipal mountains on a clear day.

O/N: Hotel
Day 3
Drive to Talkot – Approx 7 hrs

Continue your drive today as you gradually gain altitude. Your destination for the day is your trek head start point at Talkot village. The drive is pleasing and on blacktopped road till Chainpur – the district headquarters of Bajhang. Chainpur is a beautiful town located on the banks of the magnificent Seti River. After having lunch, continue your drive toward Talkot. A drive of around two hours on a dirt road will take you to your destination in Talkot. Talkot is a small hilly settlement with 50-60 households. Brahmins and Chhetris are the major inhabitants. The village, however, as a glorious history as it used to be one of the 24 principalities of western Nepal before small princely states were unified into modern Nepal. In the evening, visit the historic Talkot palace.

O/N: Teahouse/Tent
Day 4
Trek to Jadlek via Sunapani – Approx 5 hrs

First day of your trek! After early breakfast, follow the trail on the right bank of Seti River. The trail passes through forests and beautiful terrace. It is almost a leveled trek till your lunchpoint in Sunapani. Sunapani is a small hamlet by the side of a beautiful waterfall. After lunch, the trail to Kuwa is easy with small ups and downs. From Kuwa, however, it makes a descent for about half an hour to the village of Agra. Another downhill from the village will take you to Lisne Gaad river. Cross the river on a suspension bridge and walk uphill for about an hour on a forested trail to Jadlek – your destination of the day. Your camp will be setup in a small grassland surrounded by pine trees.

O/N: Tent
Day 5
Trek to Dhalaun – Approx 4 hrs

Resume the walk after having breakfast at your camp. A steep climb of about half an hour will take you to a small pass. The pass has religious significance. Your support staff will worship their deity named ‘Lagan Devata’ at the pass, praying for the successful trip to Saipal. The pass offers view of the Saipal mountain range, but it is difficult to identify the peak from here. From the pass, the trail drops to a place called Ganai where there are few teahouses. Cross the Ganai Gaad River that originates from Dhalaun on a suspension bridge and follow the river northward to Dhalaun village. Dhalaun is a bustling village of about 150 households with a high school and health post. Your campsite will be set up near the school. As the lunch is prepared you can visit the village to experience the village life.

O/N: Tent
Day 6
Trek to Khahare via Kakarkot – Approx 5 hrs

A walk of about one and half hours from Dhalaun will take you to another small pass named Nagma. The trail is uphill and tiring. But the view from the top is rewarding. You get first view of Mount Saipal from this pass. After spending sometime at the pass, you start descent toward Kakarkot where you will stop for lunch. The walk takes around one and half hours. There are few teahouses at Kakarkot which sits on a small ridge above Seti River that originates in Saipal Himal. After lunch, you start walking on the right bank of Seti River toward Khahare. The trail from here is narrow and used mostly by cattle herders. The trail is through small-statured bamboo, locally known as Nigalo, which means you are entering into the habitat of the elusive Red Panda. Khahare is a small pastureland by the side of a small stream.

O/N: Tent
Day 7
Trek to Chitdka (lunch point) and continue to Dodhale – Appox 5 hrs

You continue your walk after having breakfast at your camp. The trail is leveled with minor ascents. As the trail passes through dense rhododendron, fir and walnut forests, you can see wildlife species like dear, beer and even red panda if you are lucky. A pleasing walk of around three hours will take you to Chitdka where your lunch will be prepared. Chitdka is a wonderful place. While your lunch is prepared, you can hear Seti River roaring below. You can also get clear view of Saipal range from here. Continue walked toward Dodhale. On the way, you will come across a beautiful waterfall which refreshes and rejuvenates you. The trail gradually gains altitude but it is not steep. A walk of some two hours from Chitdka will take you to Dodhale where you camp will be set up. Dodhale sits on the banks of two rivers that originate in Aunlagad and Raidhunge making it a perfect place for camping. You can get breathtaking views of Saipal range from here. Be prepared for a cold night, as you are entering the trans-Himalayan region.

O/N: Tent
Day 8
Trek to south-western base camp of Saipal (4200m) via Aunlagad – Approx 5 hrs

Today, you will reach south-western base camp of Saipal Himal. We take the trail on the right of Aunlagad River and start climbing up. A walk of around two hours will take you to the Lower Base Camp at Aunlagad. The place provides you breathtaking view of Saipal Himal. After lunch, it takes leisurely walk of another two hours to reach southern-western base camp of Saipal. The base camp is an amazing ampitheatre as you are provided view of mountains all four sides. On the east lies the magnificent western face of Saipal Himal. You will also be rewarded with views of Kalapatthar, Sunapani range and Phirankov. There are several high-altitude pasturelands in the base camp. Your camp will be set up at one of those pastureland. From the base camp, you can see wild species like Himalayan Tahr and Blue Sheep, among others. Unlike in eastern Himalayas, you can see birch trees at such a high altitude.

O/N: Tent
Day 9
Hike to Upper Base Camp

Today, you will take a rest day for exploration of the base camp. With packed lunch in your backpack, your guide will take you for a hike to Upper Base Camp of Saipal Himal (5200 meters). You walk by the side of Aunlagad glaciers of Saipal Himal. The trail is difficult as you walk on the moraine of the glacier. A walk of about four hours will take you to the Upper Base Camp. The Upper Base Camp provides you possibly the best view of the Saipal Range. After lunch, start descending to your camp.

O/N: Tent
Day 10
Trek to southern base camp (3800m) – Approx 5 hrs

You will trek to the Southern Base Camp of Saipal Himal today. Today, also you will be carrying packed lunch with you. After early breakfast, you take a trail to the east climbs up to a 5,000 pass. The pass provides breathtaking view of pastureland to the south and beautiful mountains to the north. After spending some time at the pass, start descending toward the southern base camp at Raidhunge. Raidhunge provides you view of another face of Saipal Himal. You can also see a glacier falling from the face of Saipal to a glacial lake from where Seti River originates.

O/N: Tent
Day 11
Hike to glacial lake – Approx 3 hrs

After breakfast, hike to the glacial lake. Follow, the Seti River as you walk through pastures and moraines to the glacial lakes. Glaciers falling form Saipal Himal deposits icy water into the lake. The scenery around is breathtaking. After taking pictures and enjoying the view, you return to the camp. After lunch, explore the base camp further as it is going to be your last day in the mountains.

O/N: Tent
Day 12
Trek to Khahare – Approx 7 hrs

Today, you begin your descent from the mountains. It will be a comparatively longer day as you first trek down to Aunalgad where two rivers originating from Saipal Himal meet. Our trek is on the same trail that we used to go up earlier. Continuing further, you reach Dhodhale and then to Chitdka where your lunch will be served. After lunch a walk of some two hours will take you to Ganai where your camp will be set up.

O/N: Tent
Day 13
Trek to Ganai – Approx 6 hrs

As usual, resume your walk after having breakfast at your camp. You can witness change in vegetation as your lose altitude. From Khahare, it’s an easy walk to Dhalaun village. We stop for lunch at Kakarkot and continue our walk toward Dhalaun. Continuing further, you reach to a placed Ganai which is located at the foot of a small pass where your camp will be set up. Ganai is a small village on the banks of Ganaigaad River. There are a few teahouses too.

O/N: Tent
Day 14
Trek to Talkot; drive to Chainpur – Approx 4 hrs trek, 2 hrs drive

Today, is going to be the last walking day of your trek. Begin the day with a sumptuous breakfast at your camp. The trail is steep at the beginning as you will need to cross a local pass where locals believe their deity lives. After the pass, make a descent to Jadlek village. From Jadlek, an easy walk of around an hour will take you to Sunapani where lunch will be prepared. After lunch, a walk of some three yours will take you to Talkot which has road access. Bid adieu to your crew and board a waiting car for a drive of around two hours to Chainpur – the district headquarters of Bajhang. Back to the civilization! You get running hot and cold water, comfortable rooms, Wi-Fi Internet and modern amenities here.

O/N: Hotel
Day 15
Drive to Jogbudha and camp near settlement of Raute community

Make a short walk to the road head and board a waiting car for a drive to Jogbudha. The journey takes some eight hours. The drive is off-drive for about one and half hours. After that, the ride is easy on a blacktopped road. After lunch at Dadeldhura, continue your drive toward Jogbudha. Today, you will camp near the settlement of the nomadic Raute community. Observe up close the activity of possibly the last nomadic community of Nepal. Rautes hunt monkeys and collect wild fruits and tubers for their square meal. They also make wooden utensils and exchange them with whatever they need from other people.

O/N: Tent
Day 16
Drive to Shuklaphanta; enjoy jungle safari – Approx 2 hrs drive

Today, you will drive to the plains after successful completion of your trek. The drive is mostly downhill and passes through the beautiful countryside of far-western Nepal. You will be drive straight to Shuklaphanta National Park. Check into your lodge. After lunch, embark on jungle safari with our experienced naturalist. Spread over 305 square kilometers, Shuklaphanta National Park is one of the best preserved protected areas in western Nepal. The national park is known as the home of swamp deer. However, other wild species like hog deer, wild dog, Nilgai, elephants and tiger, among others. Similarly, bird species like heron, water fowls, ducks, storks, kingfishers and egrets are found aplenty in this national park. Enjoy jeep safari in the national park. Climb up machans (viewpoints) to watch hundreds of swamp deer grazing in the grasslands. Rani Tal, which translates into Queen Pond, is another attraction in the national park. Accommodation is in a jungle lodge.

O/N: Lodge
Day 17
Drive back to Dhangadhi and fly to Kathmandu

After breakfast, you will be driven to Dhangadhi Airport for a flight to Kathmandu. The drive takes around two hours, while the flight is of a little above an hour. Upon arrival in Kathmandu, get transferred to your hotel. In the evening, we will organize a typical Nepali dinner in your honor to celebrate successful completion of your trek.

O/N: Lodge
Day 18

Today, you will fly back to your destination. Our representative will drive you to the airport for your return flight. On board the aircraft, you will have plenty of time to reflect on the amazing times that you had in Nepal and plan for your next trip.

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